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The Flower of Life  and what it represents

The Flower of Life is the sacred geometry of all life in the Universe and is very much connected to us and our world not only on a cellular basis but also on a spritual basis.  

It is the molecular structure of any living thing that exists in the Universe.

It symbolizes:

Aligning your energies to a higher vibration

Connection to the Universe on a soul level

The underlying structure of all life form in being the Sunflower, a perfect example of this geometric phenomenon.

ThetaHealing® and what it can do for you

Through ThetaHealing®, founded by Vianna Stibal, we can heal through our awareness, that emotions have a direct bearing upon our physical and mental health ussues.

With ThetaHealing®  we can improve our finances, weight issues, life goals, physical and emotional healing issues can be resolved.  ThetaHealing® connects us to the force which underlies all life (The Flower of Life).  Our attitude is extremely important and we must be in a good place in order to be useful to family and society.  These healing practices open the space in our thoughts and allows a positive attitude to flourish in our lives, bringing health and abundance.

Pranic Healing® and what it can do for you

Pranic Healing, founded by Master Choa Kok Sui, is the science and art of using Prana or the “Life Force”to balance, harmonizes and transform the body’s energy processes. 

It is a unique and very powerful form of energy healing.  Very similar to Reiki but in my opinion more powerful and addresses the negative enrgy field and this action fundamentally changes the health function and structure of the patient alowing healing to take place with accuracy.

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